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Introducing Tally

Multi-location inventory management that scales with your business.

The future of inventory management is here.

Tally is the first Shopify POS-compatible inventory app to support multi-location functionality. With Tally, you can pick the location and products to count, generate discrepancy reports, and adjust your inventory to the latest numbers.

Utilizing Shopify's new multi-location API, Tally scales seamlessly from one to many locations.

Whether you run a single store, pop-up shop, online-only warehouse, or a retail empire spanning numerous locations, Tally will let you easily and accurately manage your inventory via the Shopify platform.

Works across multiple devices

Use Tally with any browser-compatible scanner, manage your inventory using your mobile phone or tablet, or use a combination of tools. With our multi-location functionality, you'll be able to accurately track your inventory across different devices.

Take control of your inventory with Tally!

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