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Introducing Stock Count

Multi-location inventory management that scales with your business.

The future of inventory management is here.

Stock Count is the first Shopify POS-compatible inventory app to support multi-location functionality. With Stock Count, you can pick the location and products to count, generate discrepency reports, and adjust your inventory to the latest numbers.

Utilizing Shopify's new multi-location API, Stock Count scales seamlessly from one to many locations.

Whether you run a single store, pop-up shop, online-only warehouse, or a retail empire spanning numerous locations, Stock Count will let you easily and accurately manage your inventory via the Shopify platform.

Works across multiple devices

Use Stock Count with any browser-compatible scanner, manage your inventory using your mobile phone or tablet, or use a combination of tools. With our multi-location functionality, you'll be able to accurately track your inventory across different devices.

Coming September 2018

We're hard at work putting the finishing touches on Stock Count. If you'd like to streamline your inventory management, email us at and we'll let you know when the app is available!